Posted in Megan on February 9, 2012 by Megan Boot

As a reporter with ITV Wales, you can normally find me on ITV 1 from 6pm most weeknights! I work on all sorts of stories: from breaking news to feature pieces, the serious to the comical – it’s a great privilege to get to meet so many great characters.

Before joining the team in Cardiff I worked at ITV Anglia where I’d present, report and produce. In April 2012 I received an ING Bronze Award for ‘Newcomer of the Year’.

That summer I was a reporter and producer on ITV’s breakfast news programme ‘Daybreak”. I worked on the Olympic and Paralympic games, and was also the first ITV reporter covering the disappearance of Tia Sharp.

Before joining ITV I was on the postgraduate Broadcast Journalism course at Cardiff University. Prior to that I dabbled in local radio, whilst working for an international documentary company. I have a degree in Social and Political Sciences from Cambridge University.

Born and raised in South Wales, it’s great to be back in my home patch.


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